To think that the world’s nicest holiday spot lies hidden away on the west coast of Norway – on Tunheim in Vanylven municipality. 


Nils Olav Moen and Webjørn Eikrem, two childhood friends, wanted to share this place with the rest of the world, and together with Anita Bjørningstad and Edel Ruud they have created a paradise that is beyond compare – Tunheims Fjørå.  


You don’t just live near the water – you actually live partly out in the fjord, in a luxury that is hard to describe, but here goes: 


You get absolutely everything, and should you not find something you can contact Edel, the world’s greatest hostess. 


We got so much more than we could have dreamt when we stayed in Casa Argentina in July 2019: 150 square meter with quality and luxury, three bedrooms with ensuites, guest toilet, washer and dryer, spa, terrace with a grill and a jacuzzi, a wonderful kitchen with absolutely everything you need, and not least: a living room that floats above the fjord and gives you a view you will always long to see again. 


You can stream music or watch a TV that rises up from it’s hideout on the press of a button – but you don’t want to. You have your own boat for fishing trips – and everything you need as far as equipment goes. If you want to rent kayaks or go see the whales on a RIB safari you can do so.


I don’t dare to think what a similar place would have cost in a typical tourist location – no matter where in the world. But Tunheims Fjørå isn’t a typical tourist location – and I hope it never will be. We want to go back there. 


We did not experience even a drop of rain the whole week we were there, but the experience is probably just as intense on stormy days. Imagine sitting in front of the fireplace looking out at the fjord while the storm rages outside…


There is something about towns on the west coast that are hidden away. In many ways the time has been standing still there the last 30-40 years. A short drive on narrow roads leads you to pearls like Selje and the monastery ruins out on Selja, the surf paradises Ervik and Hoddevik – places most tourists seem to have forgotten, but that we would love to return to… 


Bjørn Isaksen – Kongsberg