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RIB Fjord/Ocean Safari

What better way to get up close and personal with the landscape and experience the diverse wildlife and birdlife of Vanylven than by RIB powerboat excursion? Cruise along the fjord, count the cormorants and see if you can spot the elusive blue heron that gather in these waters. Sea Eagles are an increasingly common sight along our coastline, and there’s also a chance of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the great whales, for those who venture out onto the open sea. For our guests only.

Country Drive with our Morgan 4x4

Treat yourself to a trip along Vanylven’s idyllic winding roads in our 4-seater Morgan 4x4 convertible. Drive along narrow cliff tracks all the way out to the Vestkapp – the Westernmost point of mainland Norway - or park up by the shores of a pristine inland lake and enjoy the feeling of having the whole world to yourselves. Why not take along a picnic of local delicacies and home-baked buns? To rent for our guests only. Picnic available upon request.

Porsche Rental

If our Morgan’s built for style, a Porsche is built for precision and comfort. We currently have three Porsches at TunheimsFjørå – one for each lodge. Stroke the accelerator, hear the soft purr of the engine, and speed away into the Norwegian countryside. To rent for our guests only.

Fishing Boat Excursion

When in Rome, do as the Romans do; when in Fiskå – go out and fish! Each of our lodges is equipped with its own eighteen-foot fishing boat suspended on an automatic boat lift, which can be lowered down into the water at the touch of a button. Crab pots, nets and fishing equipment stand ready; kick back and enjoy the silence and the gentle swaying of the water. Once you’ve reeled in the catch of the day, you can grill it on the barbeque on the terrace for a delicious evening meal. For our guests only.

Antique Wooden Boat Cruise

We would love to take you out for a trip on the fjords in our beautiful antique wooden boat “Anne Marie”. Built by Southern Norwegian craftsman in the 1950’s, we’ve had her recently restored and redecorated so that you can cruise across the Vanylvsfjord for a floating picnic with the wind in your hair, laugh at some salty fisherman’s tales, and relax in old-world elegance and style. For our guests only.

on the Fjord

You can’t get much closer to the fjord than by kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Paddle out along the curve of the valley or row across to explore the secluded woody inlets on the far bank. We provide six paddleboards and four single sit-on-top kayaks which do not require any prior experience. There are also five single and one double kayak available which require users to hold a personal certification minimum NPF (Wet Card Basic Course), EPP2 or BCU 2STAR. For our guests only. Guide/Instructor available upon request.

Mountain Hike to the Gapahuk

A Gapahuk is a traditional Norwegian lean-to shelter in the wilderness. We’ve built our very own Gapahuk atop the mountain behind the lodges, which has now become a popular hiking destination for the local community. The trail up the mountain is suitable for walkers of an ordinary level of fitness; and when you reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of Vanylven and the fjords. A private local guide and a delicious picnic lunch or evening meal are available upon request.

Beach Volleyball

You’ll find a fully sanded beach volleyball court just behind the lodges. Shed shoes and socks and enjoy the sensation of soft sand between your toes. Round off the game with a dip in the fjord, then hurry back into the sauna or the hot tub on the terrace to warm up! For our guests only.



Arnegarden invites you to witness and partake in the epitome of sheep breeding, lambskin craftsmanship, and sheep herding. Join us in our quest to preserve and elevate these timeless practices, and discover a world where tradition meets elegance and excellence.

Vanylven Golf Club

You don’t have to go trapsing through the jungle to enjoy the natural beauty around Tunheimsfjøra Lodge. Vanylven Golf Club – 10 minutes drive away - is a moderately challenging 9-hole course surrounded by forest, rivers and mountains. It’s hard to imagine a more serene environment to practice your drive and send the ball whistling out into the crisp Norwegian air.

Hakallegarden Family Farm

Home to Norwegian TV celebrity Bukke Lars the goat, as well as social media star Nikolina the Alpacca, this down-to-earth family farm provides a great day out for animal lovers of all ages. Come along and make friends with the kittens, horses, donkeys and other animals in beautiful surroundings close to the scenic Hakalle Beach, just a 15-minute drive from Tunheimsfjøra Lodge.


Norway's most beautiful Sherpa staircase offers an incredible view. Hakalletrappa now has almost 600 steps, and is still in development. It is a beautiful destination for everyone who loves hiking.

Surfing & Yoga

Vanylven’s sheltered coastline and consistent swell attracts surfers from around the world. You can rent a board and try your hand, with or without an instructor, on the sandy beach at Ervik, an hour’s drive away. Alternatively, Stad Surfing in Hoddevik offers a combination of surfing lessons and yoga classes from June to September. For off-season surfing activities, please enquire.

Loen Skylift

There’s a certain sweaty charm to hiking up a mountain, but you might prefer gliding the 1011m up Mt. Hoven cocooned in one of the steepest cable cars in the world. Enjoy a well-earned meal at the Hoven restaurant on top, then hop on the zip-line back down to the fjord below. For those who do fancy a spot of climbing, this is where you will find one of the longest Via Ferrata in Europe.

Skiing at Harpefossen

With 7 ski lifts, 13 groomed trails and 15km of cross-country pathways, Harpefossen Ski Resort is the perfect place to hit the slopes and make the best of the weather once winter sets in. Harpefossen is located along the old postal route through the mountains of Nordfjord, just an hour’s drive from TunheimsFjørå Lodge.

Boat Trip to Selja Monastery

This ancient Benedictine monastery has stood on its remote island off the West coast of Norway for over 900 years. Visitors wander back through centuries of undisturbed peace and contemplation as they explore its halls, tower and learn about the legend of St Sunniva at the nearby Sunniva cave. An hour’s drive away, plus a beautiful 15-minute boat trip on ‘Selja’, the monastery boat.


5-minutes drive from TunheimsFjørå Lodge lies the village of Fiskå. This is the center of the area’s cheerful and welcoming community, with its food stores, café, liquor store, pharmacy, masseuse and beauticians. The locals here aren’t at all jaded by conventional tourism – they're friendly, curious, and glad to take the time to chat and swap stories with visitors from the outside world.


Vanylven municipality is a well-kept secret; its sweeping, elemental landscapes have largely escaped the attentions of conventional tourism. This is a place where you can watch the weather shift almost from minute to minute, the light morphing from an aquatic glow to a blazing orange sunset before your eyes. It’s a place for exploration, contemplation, and wonder; a place that invites you to renew your connection with the natural world. Yet Vanylven is also home to a thriving community, and throughout your stay you can enjoy a true taste of Norwegian culture and coastal hospitality. We pride ourselves on our local heritage and ties – the majority of our suppliers are based in Fiskå and the surrounding villages – and look forward to introducing you to the rich history and traditions of our region.